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Thank you for visiting our website www.drmilenkovic.rs. With access and utilization of the website drmilenkovic.rs, you accepted, without restrictions, the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with this Terms and Conditions, please leave the website drmilenkovic.rs, immediately. If you want to use drmilenkovic.rs's service, after you fill out the Request form you need to read and mark you agree with the Terms and Conditions.
The Terms and Conditions refer to utilization of the website drmilenkovic.rs by the user. After learning about the drmilenkovic.rs’s Terms and Conditions any further utilization will be considered as a consent. The website’s content is for the informative purposes only and serves entirely to provide user with some of the desired services throughout the website drmilenkovic.rs.
drmilenkovic.rs has all rights reserved to withold the utilization for every website user, without stating reasons, and to make changes of the Terms and Conditions without previously notifying the user. If we decide to make changes with Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions or any other regulation we will announce the changes on this page.

Property Of drmilenkovic.rs’s Website Content

Entire drmilenkovic.rs’s website content is the property of drmilenkovic.rs so as such it is protected by law. drmilenkovic.rs has all copyrights of the website’s complete conceptual content necessary for the correctly and continiously functioning of the very project’s idea. Any utilization of the web site which is inconsistent with The Terms and conditions – such as any kind of distribution, copying, posting, commercial exploitation of the content downloaded or in anyway modifying the website without drmilenkovic.rs’s permission, is strictly forbidden. Any unauthorized  use of the website, including content and design copying or any other element, will be sancioned by criminal and misdemeanor charges, as a an urgent procedure.


You are using the website drmilenkovic.rs entirely on your personal risk. There is no guarantee, in any way, that utilization of this website is not going to be stoped, temporarily unavailable or shut down, including the routine maintenance and so for other reasons for which drmilenkovic.rs is not responsible. Also, drmilenkovic.rs is not responsible for the consequences that may arise by utilization of this website, including material, non-material, direct or indirect damage as a resault of website utilization, including accuracy and any information content or services provided throughout the website. drmilenkovic.rs is not responsible for any sort of content made by unauthorized users of the website. drmilenkovic.rs may control the website content at any time and all in order to ensure this Terms and Conditions are being followed as well as Republic of Serbia regulations. drmilenkovic.rs reserves the rights to remove any kind of content that is not in accordance with this Terms and Conditions. Partner is the only one responsible for the quality of its service. As a booking agent drmilenkovic.rs can not be responsible, in any way, for any kind of irregularities of Partner’s services. Every Comfirmation form has clearly indicated Partner providing the service. User explicitly declares that he would not consider responsible drmilenkovic.rs, agents and emloyees for the compensation of the damage and expenses, including the legal representation costs, which may arise from utilization of the website. drmilenkovic.rs can stop the business cooperation with any of the users at any time. In that case Terms and Conditions regarding users responsibilities and obligations do not cease to be valid. drmilenkovic.rs explicitly detracts, in every way, from the content of the third party website, that you can access from drmilenkovic.rs’s website. These links are present exclusively for you, to provide you more information. drmilenkovic.rs do not controls and is not responsible for the functioning, content, privacy policy or security of these websites. Access to the third party websites is the users only resposibility wich excludes drmilenkovic.rs from responsibilities. drmilenkovic.rs reserves the right to change or suspend any business segment, at any time, including, and without restrain, availability time, content including the access equipment or the website utilization. drmilenkovic.rs reserves the right to suspend or change any of these Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy policy listed here, without previous notice, if necessary, at any time. The user agrees that all communication through drmilenkovic.rs’s website must be in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. drmilenkovic.rs resrves the right of discretion to evaluate whether user violated the obligations. drmilenkovic.rs can change these Terms and Conditions at any time, and you will be simultaneously bounded by the new, changed Terms and Conditions. In the case when user is still utilizing the website and the Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy policy are changed it will be considered as an users acceptance with changed Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy. Every website utilization, after this kind of changes, will be considered as an acceptance of it. Partial or total illegitimacy of these Terms and Conditions particular regulation will not have the influence on the other ones validity, which remain legal. Illegal regulation will be switched with the other, appropriate one, which has the same or the most similar effect. For every legal disputes which may arise from the utillization of the drmilenkovic.rs’s website, the First Court in Belgrade has the jurisdiction. Filling out the contact form on the drmilenkovic.rs’s website is considered that user read all the Terms and Conditions and accepted them.

Privacy policy

drmilenkovic.rs is processing users personal data collected after filling out the Request form in accordance with the Law on personal data protection. Personal data are entirely used for solicitation of booking desired services for user whithin drmilenkovic.rs’s offer, and delivery of required data to a Partner included. Website utilization and filling out the Request form represents the users consent for data processing. User has the right and may use it, by asking it in writing from drmilenkovic.rs, to be informed regarding all the elements of data processing. Bank payment card processor guarantees the security while using your credit card, placing the whole process of charging on bank’s website. We do not forward your personal data of any kind. After the bank’s payment confirmation, you will get the Comfirmation form with your own number of it with all the relevant booking or bookings information including the price and all the details. All the relevant data needed for the successfull money transfer, you will fill out on the bank’s website and drmilenkovic.rs has no knowledge of it. We only get the comfirmation whether the money transfer was successful. During the data entry process, confidential information are transmitted through a public network in protected (encrypted) form using the SSL protocol i PKI system as currently latest technology solution. We give the user possibility to choose, to accept or not the Terms and Conditions as for the usage of Cookies. We colect and save users individual personal data only if we get your approval. We use personal data information only for the original purposes they are being collected for, and we will make shure they are safely erased afterwards.

Who We Share the Data With

The data is used only within the drmilenkovic.rs. All data is strickly kept untill the drmilenkovic.rs’s service ends, and only available for the necessary employees business purposes. All drmilenkovic.rs’s employees and Partners are responsible for protecting the users privacy. We can access and publish personal data only in order to fulfill relevant State laws and demands, for our proper system management but for ourselves and our users protection purposes. All the Partenrs who have the access to your personal data, while giving you the desired service and throughout the drmilenkovic.rs, have the contractual restrictions in order to secure your personal data and to be sure the law and rules of protecting personal data are being followed.


drmilenkovic.rs is using the technology for information collecting which is helping us to improve your experience and our service, as well as other websites. Cookies (hereinafter: cookies) that we use allow our website to undisturbedly work and help us to learn what information and promotion is the most useful for our users. Cookies are little text files which your browser keeps on your computer, smart phone or tablet, while visiting website, and helps you being identified on subsequent website visits. The use of Cookies is a standard web pactice and most of the browsers are adjusted to automatically accept all the Cookies. You have the choice and always can choose not to use them. It is necessary to adjust the browser you use for the way of using Cookies. drmilenkovic.rs use Cookies just to give you a better website quality experience, for statistical analisys purposes of attendance and our promotion optimization on the web by Google Analytics and Google Ads services.